How do I print?


Printing is available at the library, in UHB 2000, and the Student Union. 


Manual printing:

To print a document at the library you can log on to the computers using your netID and password or by obtaining a guest username and password at the Main Desk.

When the document is opened, click file, then print. Select the CampusPrint printer for black and white or the CampusPrintColor printer for color. A dialog box should pop up prompting you to enter a name for the print job. Now the document is ready to print. 

Next you will need to go to the printer and swipe your i-card at the printer. Choose the print job you named and click print


Printing costs $0.22 for each black and white page and $0.30 for each color page.



For further assistance, please contact the Main Desk at the library at 217-206-6605 or ITS Help Desk at 217-206-6000.