How do I log in to the Libby app?


1.  If you already use Libby skip to step 3.  If you do not yet have the Libby app, download it to your device.


2. Once downloaded, open the app.  Click Yes to indicate that you have a library card. 

3. Tap Search for Library.  If you already had the Libby app, tap the center icon in the bottom menu then tap Add Library


screen shot of libby app search for library page


4. Search for University of Illinois at Springfield and Tap the University of Illinois at Springfield listing.


5. Tap Sign in with My Card

screen shot of Libby app


6. If you are a current UIS student, staff, or faculty select the UIS NetID option. Then click next on the following page. If you have an active Alumni or Friends of Brookens Library library card request a Libby account using this form

 screen shot of Libby app


7. You will then be prompted to log in to your UIS account using your NetID and password. Follow the prompts to log in to your UIS account. If you are asked to use 2FA you may need to navigate back to the Libby app when completed. 

screen shot of UIS Login Service


8. You are now signed in to the Libby app.  You can rename your card if you like by tapping Rename Card.  You can now search for books or browse our collection using the bottom menu. 

screen shot of Libby app


9. You can get additional help from the Libby Help page.